Sunday, March 8, 2009

Divine Appointment or Coincidence?

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season…2 Tim 4:2

Last weekend I was invited along with a couple co-workers to give a presentation at a local church in Lamia, a city 2 hrs. north of Athens. God really blessed our time there and the next morning we were invited to go for coffee with the pastor and some of the youth of the church. We strolled together down the coast to a small village.

To my surprise we came upon a small marina with a few boats. Very naturally, I gravitated towards the port and dragged the whole team with me. As we stopped to look at one on the sailboats, a man popped his head out from inside. Immediately, I sensed that I had met this man before and so I asked him if he had ever taught at a particular sailing school in Athens. He said yes and I proceeded to tell him that I was a student of his there in 1987! Then he invited us all on board for a coffee. As we visited, I had the chance to share with him the work that I do with the Morning Star, HM’s sailboat.

Later that morning the pastor and the youth and I talked about the importance of our testimony. One never knows who God is going to bring across his path and when He does, will he see the same risen Lord in your life as he did the last time he met you? This was a challenge to my heart.

I thank God for these “divine appointments” and I do not believe at all that these are coincidences.

Alex Macris
Skipper - S/Y Morning Star
Hellenic Ministries – Maritime

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