Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sandwiches and Spritual Talk

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

On Thursday afternoon, we hosted for a time for refugees to come and have a sandwich and discussion about spiritual matters. We were delighted that 16 Muslim men, mostly from Sudan, Jordan and Iraq, showed up. Matt began our time together by introducing himself and explaining why he was here in Greece.

He went on to explain that we wanted this to be a safe place to have spiritual discussions. And that we would respect each other as we talked openly about spiritual matters.

He read John 1:1-14 to them and asked them if any of them had ever read any Scripture. He also asked if any of them was interested in having his own Bible and all responded that they would like one. Then we asked them what they believed about Jesus and began a discussion about our different views on Jesus. We also collected questions from them for future discussions. Some of the questions are...Did Jesus really die, was He really crucified on the cross? What is the Bible, is it one book or many books? How can Jesus be the Son of God and God?

We served them sandwiches and then sat and ate lunch with them. They shared how difficult their lives were here in Greece; how some had felt led to come here and now realize how there is nothing for them here in Greece. They shared some of their frustrations about not being able to find work or food or purpose here. Many had the question “why? This led to a conversation about why bad things happen to good people. Some of the missionaries were also able to share about the lives they left behind in North America to come here to serve God.

The time passed quickly and we were encouraged by the dialogs that we were able to have. Please pray with us that God will use this new “lunch time” ministry to build friendships with these men and to share the love of Christ with them.