Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Great opportunities for the Gospel in Greece

Most of you have seen or heard about the situation in Greece these past weeks and months. This past weekend was terrible as a small number of anarchist set banks on fire, burned buildings and raided shops. The greater population demonstrated against the government in a quiet manner. The economic situation here is bleak to say the least and shop after shop has closed. Many have left to look for work in other countries. From a world perspective things are very negative. What a great opportunity for the gospel.

Here’s just one of many, many stories our staff has shared in the last weeks….

“Greece is under a curse – everyone is only looking out for its own interests!” said the travel agent to me as I sat at her desk to purchase plane tickets.

I agreed, ”Yes, but Greece is also a blessed country. God has chosen the Greek language to write His Word to the entire world. It needs to be translated to everyone else, like one of the tribal groups in Irian Jaya just got it last year, but they welcomed the Word of God like God himself visited them. Do you have a NT?”

She said no, not in today’s Greek language and so I promised her to give her one at my next visit.

A week later I returned and gave her the promised NT, a calendar for 2012 and an evangelistic booklet.

She was so excited and said that this was the most important gift anyone could have given her and thanked and kissed me over the counter desk. Finally we talked also about flights and prizes.

When we talked on the phone earlier today, the first thing she mentioned again was how important the NT was for her. It was truly divine timing – and that was what she felt too.

How thrilling to be at the right time at the right place with the right message as God’s ambassadors!


  1. At last some good news from Greece! Thank You for sharing this! After reading only more or less heartbreaking news from Greece, it is encouraging to hear something like that! For God nothing is impossible!

    God bless You!

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