Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Immigrant Aid in Patra

Last Saturday, members of our team, a suburban Greek youth group, a local Greek church, a French team and a visiting American youth group join forces to deliver encouragement, support and emergency aid to hundreds of refugees living in horrific conditions in Patra, Greece.

The team of 50 descended off the bus, and set up a stage with a microphone and speakers and proceeded to entertain the men with songs in Greek, French and English.

Following the time of music together, the groups split up into different language groups where the men expressed that their greatest desire was for happiness. Our teams were honored to share with them the One and Only Way to find true and everlasting happiness; in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After more more time for one on one conversations, we all gathered by the bus to hand out sleeping bags, shoes, socks, hats, gloves, underwear, food bags, Arabic New Testaments and Farsi tracts.

Please pray for these men. Pray for them to come to know True Happiness, in a surrendered life to Jesus. Pray for swift solutions to their devastating way of life and sufferings. Pray for wisdom for us to know how to help them more.

To read more about this situation, click here

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