Friday, October 15, 2010

Operation Joshua 2.5!

During OJ2, in the summer of 2009, some 50 villages in the Peloponnese were left un-reached due to lack of time and resources. We’ve been planning to finish these villages for some time now and last Saturday we finally got the chance.

Joining our staff we had some friends of the mission along with a team from Sweden and the Gideons, who had graciously given us the New Testaments to complete this task.

We met up early Saturday morning to go over the plan, form the teams and load up the cars with the NT packs. We traveled in convoy and then split up to go to our respective villages.

In just one short afternoon and with the help of many enthusiastic participants, we were able to cover 12 villages! The distribution went much faster than expected and by lunchtime we were done. We all enjoyed a great meal together at a seaside restaurant in Kalamata and then headed home.

OJ 2.5 was a great time of fellowship and another step forward in delivering a New Testament to every door in the Peloponnese!

Please pray with us that God’s Word will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11)

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