Sunday, July 26, 2009

Operation Joshua 2 Completed!

This summer's OJ2 outreach is over. We passed out 44,000+ New Testaments in the Messinia area of the Peloponnese, Greece over a period of 6 days. We had about 120 volunteers from 11 countries represented. God's Word makes quite a stir as reported on the front page of the local newspaper, "Proselytism in Plastic Bags." Not everyone was thrilled to receive the gift we gave out but we are encouraged since we know that God's Word does not return void. Is 55:11.

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Here's some more stats:

1 front page newspaper story attack
1 arrest for interrogation purposes
2 TV reports against us
3 priests in an Orthodox church in Kalamata blessed us for the great work we were doing
4-5 condemning radio announcements related to our OJ2 efforts by the Orthodox State Church
6 day outreach campaign
7-10 hours/day on road delivering Bibles
14 teams
17 countries represented on OJ team
19.5 tons of Bibles
36 vehicles
45 priests contacted by mail and sent leather bound Bibles
58 tents at camp
108 villages visited in one day (record)
153 total participants
375 villages covered (door-to-door)
1,650 eggs served to team
6-7,000 villages yet to be reached with Bibles in mainland Greece (Islands completed)
15,081 New Testaments delivered door-to-door in one day in the city of Kalamata
19,000 kms traveled
40,000 Euros paid (1st installment) on 114,147 Euro bill for Bibles
44,091 Greek hardbound New Testaments distributed in 5 1/2 days!
74,147 Euros still to pay for Bibles in 2 installments - end of Oct & end of Nov
(Please don't forget us!).

Thank you for being a part of this incredible outreach - through association, prayer, Adopting-a-Greek Village, volunteering or supporting us either in spirit and/or financially!

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