Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ferraris or Bibles?

The other day I went shopping for a second hand car with one of our new team members. As I walked through the lot and into the office I saw a brand new red Ferrari! The sales manager came up to me and said, “How can I help you?” I answered, “How much is this Ferrari?” He quickly replied, “125,000 Euros.” I asked my teammate if he desired to pay in cash or by check? After this momentary joke, I asked the salesman if he had anything around really cheap for my friend. As he was looking up his inventory on his computer, I kept glancing back at that beautiful car.

Reflecting on the its price brought to mind the money that we, as a small mission, have spent in handing out New Testaments to houses on 80 Greek islands and to a large portion of Southern Greece throughout the last few years. By faith, God has provided for us the 350,000 euros that is has cost just for the printing of the Bibles. When we add in the expense of the outreaches themselves, our costs were probably closer to 500,000 euros. We are so grateful for God’s provision as we did all of this without taking out a loan or incurring any outstanding debt.

As I continued to look at that shiny red car, I thought to myself we could have bought 4 of those cars with that money.

What has greater value, the Word of God in 120,000 homes or 4 Ferraris?

So much joy filled my heart as I began to realize how blessed we are to be able to value things rightly because of our perspective of eternity.
It is foolishness to the world but highly valued to us as we participate in God’s kingdom building.

Please continue to pray for us as we have a lot to do and the Lord is coming back soon!


  1. God set the captives free. He prepares a crown for us in heaven. Thanks God. You made gracious decision all the time. May the Lord keep guiding you an dthe ministry. More challenges would come. However, we abide in Him, the true Vine. We would bear everlasting fruits. I bless you in the name of the Father, and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen!

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